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Quickstart guide for toast

toast provides an ease of access layer to BurntToast native Windows notifications. This fork provides an ease of use script that allows automatic toast notifications on command execution.

This script is contained within ./bin/ and is simple to use:

$ toast_when_complete nmap -sP  # runs command, and spawns notification detailing command exit status.

Installing from Source

To install from source, first clone the repository:

git clone git://; cd toast

Then, with python3 and pip installed, install the directory with:

python3 -m pip install .

Note: You may need to install the BurntToast_ powershell executable. To do so, run "Install-Module -Name BurntToast" (with administrator privilleges)


First and foremost, the package provides a simple python API for notification scripting:

>>> from toast import toast
>>> toast(body='my message body',
>>>       title='my optional title')  # notification spawns

It also provides a simple Click CLI based command line interface. It can be used by simply using:

$ toast 'my message body' -t 'my optional title'  # notification spawns

A Note about Compatibility

It should be noted that this package is initially developed for the Windows Subsystem Layer for Linux, and may have mixed results on native Windows python interpreters. By design, the package only requires that BurntToast be on the system path, and callable from the command line with $ burnttoast.exe. Feel free to submit a bug report to if you encounter issues. While untested under Windows proper, it should run without issue.

Contributing to the Project

We expect to use a git native workflow. Fork the repository, host your fork publicly, and notify the development team that you have changes you would like to merge.

To do so, add our repository as your upstream:

git remote add upstream git-server:arianagiroux/toast.git

Obtain request-pull text:

git request-pull upstream/master origin

Send that output to the development team at

Note: git-bug is used internally for the project, should we open that up to the public?