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Run a command in a TMUX pane

Have you ever been working on your command line and wanted command or script to run in a 'popup' inside your command line? Do you use TMUX? Well, look no further!

This script provides a simple method for running a script in a new TMUX pane, without having to memorize a bunch of modifiers.


Using the software is simple.

run_in_split [OPTIONS] COMMAND

  --horizontal      Split pane horizontally.
  --sleep           If true, sleep for five seconds after the command exits.
  --pause           If true, pause until user presses enter.
  --pause-on-error  If true, pause until user presses enter only if the
                    process does not exit 0.
  --small           Creates pane at 15% of total screen space
  --help            Show this message and exit.

For example, to run a git push in a pane that will pause if the push fails:

run_in_split --pause-on-error git push


This package can be installed via pip, but is not hosted on pypi.

First, clone this repository:

git clone git://

Then, from the resulting directory, simply run the setup script:

python install

- OR -

pip install .

If you need to include this package in your requirements.txt file, you can do so using the following line:

-e git://


We use a git-native forking workflow. For more information on how that works, check this article.

Submit a pull-request by using git request-pull -p *FEATURE BRANCH* origin and attaching the subsequent text to an email addressed to