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33 This script provides a very simple CLI based ping visualization script by utilizing either `hipsterplot`_ or `gnuplot`_/`asciiplotlib`_.
55 The `hipsterplot`_ backend is a very simple and lightweight backend, meant to allow easier install and wider operating system reach. However, it is nowhere near as easy to read & understand as the `gnuplot`_/`asciiplotlib`_ backend. It is highly recommended you make use of that backend if you can.
7 We host a demo `on our site`_ via `gotty`_. This shows our server's average connection to ```` with the `gnuplot`_ backend.
79 Installation
810 ============
2325 This software was implemented with simplicity in mind, and only provides one point of access: ::
2527 pingstats
27 Examples of software in use
28 ===========================
30 .. image::
33 In this image, we can see two separate outputs. The top display is a display of the most recent actual return times, whereas the bottom display is the average return time for each sequence.
35 This display automatically scales to whatever window you have open, adding more lines and columns as necessary.
3829 Running the tests
3930 =================
9889 .. _PingStats:
9990 .. _`git-native forking workflow`:
10091 .. _`Google Group`:!forum/pingstats
92 .. _`on our site`:
93 .. _`gotty`: