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Pingstats, a simple CLI based ping visualization script

This script provides a very simple CLI based ping visualization script by utilizing either hipsterplot or gnuplot/asciiplotlib.

The hipsterplot backend is a very simple and lightweight backend, meant to allow easier install and wider operating system reach. However, it is nowhere near as easy to read & understand as the gnuplot/asciiplotlib backend. It is highly recommended you make use of that backend if you can.

We host a demo on our site via gotty. This shows our server's average connection to with the gnuplot backend.


To install the base package (and use the simple backend, hipsterplot), installation has been made easy via pip.

pip3 install pingstats

If however, you are using Linux and can install the gnuplot library, first obtain the binary from apt:

sudo apt-get install gnuplot


The pingstats package will automatically use gnuplot if it is available.


This software was implemented with simplicity in mind, and only provides one point of access:


Running the tests

To run the tests, clone the repository:

git clone

Then simply run:

python3 test

Building & Viewing the Docs

Our documentation is online in full at ``_.

To build the docs, first clone the repository:

git clone

Then simply run:

cd docs && make html


The docs are built on top of sphinx, which can be installed via pip3 install sphinx

The documentation will be generated in the path docs/_build/html/. Open index.html to load the docs.

Contributing to the Project

The project uses a git-native forking workflow. For example,

Clone the repository,

git clone

Then, make your changes (in a branch), and push them to a new (public) remote:

git remote set-url upstream $(git remote get-url origin)  # save origin as upstream
git remote set-url origin
git push -u origin master

Once your code is hosted publicly, notify the maintainers of your changes with a git request-pull...

git request-pull upstream origin  # upstream (this repo) should pull changes from new origin (new fork)


You can address your email to

Our Issue Board

We use a Google Group hosted mailing list ( to track and recieve new patches and bug reports.

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