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0 # About Me
0 <img src="/static/cover_art.jpg" alt="Isolation Sessions Album Art"
1 style="height: 100%; width: 100%; border: 1px solid">
2 A Full Stack Web Developer, DJ, Audio Engineer, and community organizer, I'm one
3 of those crazies that thrives on being busy. Give me a coffee and some time to
4 lay out a plan of attack and I or a fellow entrepreneur can tackle any task!
3 <center><h1>About the Album</h1></center>
6 Born and raised in Saskatchewan, I've always had to work with *creative*
7 solutions to achieve my tech-nerd dreams. Whether that was making my own
8 ethernet cables or trying to build my own guitar amp, I've always prided myself
9 on [making it work]. No problem is ever to much to tackle for me, and no hurdle
10 is above a good joke! Using the problem solving and logic flow skills only an
11 *Audio Engineering & Production* diploma can give you, I believe that any
12 project can be boiled down into a simple step by step process.
5 *Isolation Sessions* was written throughout the 4 month long self-isolation period during 2020's COVID-19 pandemic. Using a *Novation Circuit,* *Korg Volca Keys,* *Sunvox,* and exclusively Open Source software, and a Tape Deck, this album represents an attempt to get back to the basics of music production and "get out of the box."
14 Let's face it, it's not impossible to go out there and find some website to in
15 turn build your website. Solutions like SquareSpace and Wix are seemingly
16 everywhere you look.
7 This 8 song album was predominantly written live and recorded directly to a stereo tape master and offered up largely as is, warts and all. The beauty of art comes from the way we handle mistakes and limitation, and the music reflects this. You may hear tape wobble and a few mistakes in the performance, but that only adds to the character.
18 Here's the thing with site builders however:
9 *Isolation Sessions* is presented under a permissive Creative Commons "Pay What You Want" license, available on [BandCamp]( There is a paid Digital Deluxe edition that includes a re-mastered release of *'The Return'* by Ariana Giroux, an extended cut, and full unprocessed recording of the writing process of one of the songs that is available for $5 as well.
20 <blockquote class="text-center"><strong>You'll never be able to have full control over your site.</strong></blockquote>
11 <center><small>*Album Art by: Natalie Ruby Graves aka RadNat*</small></center>
22 That's why I choose to use [open source], [self hosted], and hand crafted
23 websites! Using our tech stack, we can assure that:
25 - Your site will load faster,
26 - We can come closer to your vision,
27 - And most importantly, your site will always be within your control!
30 Why not give me a shout, we'll have a coffee and see if we can't figure out your
31 site!
33 <a href="#ContactMe" class="btn btn-large btn-primary" style="width:100%">Get in touch!</a>
13 <a href="#" class="btn btn-large btn-primary" style="width:100%">Get the Album! TODO</a>
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