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Quickstart guide for eclecti_deploy

eclecti_deploy provides custom deploy implementation for Eclectic Media Solutions Flask sites. It provides automated testing of operating system requirements, deployement of configuration files, and dependency management.

Installing from Source

To install from source, first clone the repository:

git clone git://; cd eclecti_deploy

Then, with python3 and pip installed, install the directory with:

python3 -m pip install .

Installing the Manpages

An ease of use command has been added to, allowing you to simply run:

python3 install_docs

note: You can uninstall the docs with ```` via ``uninstall_docs``

Building the Manpages

A convenience function has been added to, allowing you to compile the docs with:

python3 build_sphinx

Note: built pages located under ``docs/build/man``

Note: to view the manpages directly after compile, use ``python3 docs``.

Consult the manpages for more information