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dmenu-tweet is a simple wrapper for bash-send-tweet that bridges its functionality with dmenu, allowing for a smooth and desktop-agnostic tweeting experience.

With no browser running in the background, this also allows for execution on much lower end hardware than what might be able to run the website. This is also achieved by ensuring pure bash compliance, meaning 32-bit (and even possibly 16-bit) computers aren't left behind.


First, you'll need to obtain your Twitter API Keys, a tutorial to which is out of the scope of this document. For more, see Twitter's Developer page.

As of V1, there is an included setup script (./ and twitter API key enrollment script (utils/ that should be able to handle most of the set-up. It will automatically attempt to install the script (bin/dmenu-tweet) to ~/.local/bin/dmenu-tweet and the bash-send-tweet repository to ~/.local/bin/bash-send-tweet.

If these directories do not exist and are not on the path (or at least, are not present in ~/.bashrc), the setup script will attempt to handle this automatically.

If the setup script also detects i3wm, it will attempt to add the binding '$mod+Shift+t' to the ~/.config/i3/config configuration file.

Modifying the installation & manual installation

If you would rather install the software manually, or to another location, the procedure is fairly simple.

  1. Ensure all git-submodules are up to date:

    git submodule update --init --recursive

  2. Enroll your Twitter API Keys:



    Follow the instructions at the beginning of lib/bash-send-tweet/sendtweet

  3. Copy the bin script onto your path:

    cp bin/dmenu-tweet /opt/

  4. Copy the bash-send-tweet repository somewhere useful:

    cp lib/bash-send-tweet /opt/

  5. Modify the installed version of dmenu-tweet, and update the expected path of bash-send-tweet to where you've installed it.

  6. Ensure dmenu-tweet is on the path

  7. Optionally, add bindsym $mod+Shift+t exec --no-startup-id "dmenu-tweet" somewhere within your i3 configuration.


Due to the simplicity of the software/wrapper, please submit any bug fixes/patches to Please refrain from submitting bugs or patches for bash-send-tweet to me, as they belong on GitHub!