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55 The script uses the developer API to obtain random images of coffee cups, then uses ``asciiview``/``aview`` to display that image as asciiart in the terminal. To obtain your own developer key, please see
77 .. note:: The repository provides a utility script to enroll new key's securely, so the user does not need to enter their API key every time. See ``utils/`` for more.
9 *Take a look at a demo here:*
911 Installation
1012 ============
6668 To submit a bug, include any relavent details in an email to
68 To submit a patch, we use a git native pull request workflow.
70 We use a git native pull request workflow for patch submission.
7072 First, clone the repository: ::
8385 git request-pull origin upstream # outputs pull request text, copy this into your email.
8587 Please ensure you include a short description of the changed you've made.
86 We use a git native forking workflow.