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This software provides a simple, unix friendly bandwidth tester. It has been developed to test bandwidth and upload/download rates to the Eclectic Media Website


Client Side Install and Usage

First, clone the repository from git://

Second, obtain a JWT key from the server administrator, and place it in the base directory at path ./mykey

Finally, execute ./bin/


WARNING: The test script will fail if it does not find a JWT key at './mykey'

This script will automatically handle all dependencies (under 1MB of packages), automatically determine the host IP, perform the bandwidth test, and report it back to the server via a secured REST api.

Server Side Install

All project dependencies can be easily installed with pip. Use pip install -r requirements.txt to ensure all dependencies are met.

Once the python dependencies have been installed, install iperf with:

sudo apt-get install iperf

After iperf has finished installing, configure it to run on port 8028 (package default) and daemonize it (typically via cron/supervisord).

Second, generate a JWT key for authorization.

$ python3  # call the interpreter
>>> from app import generate_token  # import generation function from
>>> generate_token()  # run the function
>>> exit()  # exit the interpreter

By default, this will generate a key at ./mykey. The API looks for this file from its current working directory.

NOTE: This is the file you should distribute to end users!

Finally, daemonize the API bound to host and port 8029! Typically, you would use a service or software like supervisord to achieve this.